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Model Diet Tricks: 45 Skinny Snack Foods

Model Diet Tricks

Model diet tricks to jumpstart your journey on the runway…. or simply a leaner version of YOU! It’s no secret that dieting sucks, but these 45 skinny snack foods are sure to help (plus they actually taste good). No need to starve yourself, simply replace your junky snack foods with better options! We take a cue from the professional models who have their diet and bodies on-point. Models are a testament to dedication, fitness, and #cleaneating, no matter how you look at it. So what snacks do models eat? And how do they maintain such a squeaky clean ‘model diet’ and not go insane?! Is the stereotype that models only get to eat half of a rice cake for dinner actually accurate? (Answer: NO) So by now you are surely curious- “what do models eat to stay skinny, then?” Or perhaps you are asking, “Where can I find some model diet tricks & snacks that don’t suck/sound like pure torture?” Or you may just be wondering about the best snacks in general to help lose weight and keep a trim figure, model or not! Well, you’re in luck…

We have compiled a list of tasty treats meant to replace your typical snack foods (chips, donuts, pretzels, soda, processed food, etc). Some of these require some slight ‘meal prep’ in advance – but you will absolutely thank yourself the next day! This model diet trick (Snack/Meal Prepping) is overwhelmingly popular amongst your favorite top models, and it is just that simple. Prep, grab, and go – that’s it! Whenever hunger hits, turn to these skinny snack options instead. With that ‘supermodel body’ goal fresh in your mind, let’s get you started. Here are some snacks models eat, and some of their model diet tips!

Model Snacks: 45 Skinny Snack Foods

  1. Plain, air-popped popcorn + salt/pepper, small drizzle of truffle oil. (Popcorn is low-calorie, high-fiber, and packed with antioxidants, believe it or not!)
  2. Yogurt-dipped strawberries (to make, simply roll berries in plain Greek yogurt, freeze, & enjoy!)
  3. Hard-Boiled Eggs + salt/pepper/paprika, small drizzle of flavored olive oil (warmed up), or a dash of hot sauce
  4. Apple slices + small serving (2 tbsp) almond butter, hazelnut butter, or peanut butter (Note: make sure peanuts are the ONLY ingredient here, if using). Skip the Nutella, unless using it as an occasionalreward. Heidi Klum loves to snack with Nutella and readily offers it up as one of her model diet tips (surprisingly)! But surely Heidi Klum not downing a jar of Nutella at a time while she sits in hair and makeup before a photoshoot. It is likely in moderation as a special treat. One last thing to note here: while nut butters do contain fat, they are healthy fats. Nut butters also produce a feeling of satiety, which keeps you fuller longer… thus offsetting calories by encouraging you to eat less. Basically your body says, “I’m full, thanks nut butter! You’re a pal!”
  5. Carrots + cherry tomatoes + broccoli ‘dippers’, served with side of avocado dip or hummus. Supermodel Lindsay Ellingson loves to snack on hummus made with sunflower seeds.
  6. Homemade baked apple chips + cinnamon. (this snack may taste like a sweet & sinful dessert that you maaaaybe shouldn’t be eating… but it is actually a cute lil’ Health-Ninja in disguise. Yepppp… a sneaky, undercover health-ninja (black belt of course), just stealthily loading you up with fiber, vitamins, and minerals during your snack attack like a badass. Really, what better ‘model diet trick’ is there than to outsmart your sweet tooth every once in awhile… and using health food to do so?!
  7. Cucumbers + Tajin seasoning (the cool cucumbers + heat from Tajin= super refreshing combo, especially on a warm day. TRY IT!!)
  8. Chickpeas – oven-roasted & spiced with your seasoning of choice. Supermodel Molly Sims snacks on chickpeas, and has shared the recipe she uses!
  9. Mini bell peppers + guacamole or tzatziki sauce (made with plain Greek yogurt)
  10. Tropical Trail Mix (here is an easy, healthy recipe from ModelMeals)
  11. Kale chips – super easy to make on your own & lots of fun ways to jazz them up (even though they are great plain with just a dash of salt/pepper). Pinterest has tons of recipes to check out!
  12.  Almonds – oven-toasted & spiced with your seasoning of choice. Check out this Spicy Almond recipe from model Milou Gort.
  13. Fresh berries + plain Greek yogurt
  14. Celery sticks + almond butter or peanut butter (see ‘nut-butter’ note from snack food #4)
  15. Egg white muffins with spinach + mushrooms (here is an easy recipe from fitness model Bree Hunter)
  16. Spiced pumpkin seeds – oven-toasted & spiced with your seasoning of choice
  17. Frozen fruit salad – create your own combination of flavors using seasonal fruit. Victoria’s Secret model Elsa Hosk loves to snack on her own combination of grapes, strawberries, and lime juice. She lets the fruit salad sit in the freezer for 20 minutes before an enjoying, for an ultra-refreshing snack.
  18. Homemade sweet potato fries
  19. Gluten-free pancakes + fruit. Supermodel Karlie Kloss has shared her 3-ingredient pancakes, which consist of 1 egg, 1 banana, and a handful of gluten-free oats. Sprinkle with cinnamon and top with fruit for a healthy, guilt-free version of pancakes! Now that’s a fun model diet trick!
  20. Green smoothie – supermodel Gigi Hadid is a big fan of including these in her modeling diet as a quick snack/pick-me-up
  21. Ground turkey meatballs (make sure to use lean turkey). Check out this recipe from The Bikini Model Cookbook
  22. Frozen cotton candy grapes – sounds crazy if you’ve never heard of them, but a new variety of grape has cropped up…. and yes, they taste just like cotton candy. Note: cotton candy grapes are seasonal, but regular frozen grapes will do the trick as well!
  23. Larabars – these bars are gluten-free, all-natural, no added sugar… not to mention they have super YUMMY flavors. They are also a favorite snack of supermodel Lily Aldrige.
  24. Sardines + mustard + lemon juice + salt/pepper. Eat ’em straight out of the can, or make a lettuce wrap. And don’t knock sardines til you’ve tried them! These things are packed with protein and omega 3’s, and truly are a great ‘weight-loss’ snack food.
  25. Oven-dried strawberry “candy” (bake sliced strawberries on cookie sheet for 3 hours @ 200 degrees)
  26. Broccoli tots – these things seriously taste just as good as tater tots! You may be able to find them at the store (in the freezer aisle), but we are NOT recommending that version as a snack. We are recommending homemade broccoli tots! They are easy to make; here is a recipe from BeachBody on Demand.
  27. Dill pickle spears, sliced into ‘chips’ + hummus for dipping
  28. Green smoothie popsicles (make a green smoothie, freeze in popsicle mold with a wooden stick, enjoy!) This snack is obviously not portable, but is great to have on-hand for whenever a snack-attack hits at home. Perhaps green-smoothie-loving supermodel Gigi Hadid should add this one to her model diet tricks!
  29. Sliced, all-natural deli turkey + cucumber + cheese + lettuce rollup
  30. Homemade baked Zucchini chips + small amount parmesan cheese
  31. Pineapple chunks + lime juice + Tajin seasoning
  32. Homemade tuna salad (use plain greek yogurt or fat-free mayo) + mix in some celery/pickles/apples or whatever else floats your boat. Eat tuna salad on cucumber slices or celery sticks. Model Chrissy Teigen loves to snack on tuna salad; she pefers it mostly plain, but with lots of dijon mustard.
  33. Oven-roasted cauliflower bites + pesto (optional). There are tons of recipes and variations for roasted cauliflower. No matter which you choose, it’s beyond easy to make. Check Pinterest for some ideas!
  34. Deviled eggs + crumbled turkey bacon + hot sauce
  35. Quinoa Turkey Burger patties – these are portable, healthy, and satisfying. Here is a recipe from TheModelAdvocate
  36. Sautéed shishito peppers + flaked sea salt/pepper
  37. Chicken of the Sea Smoked Salmon Pouch (plain) + fresh lemon juice, fat-free mayo, salt/pepper. They also have a few flavors you can choose from, like Lemon Pepper and Sriracha.
  38. Fresh melon (cantaloupe, honeydew, grapefruit) + plain greek yogurt + small drizzle honey. Or you could try your melon with a dash of hot sauce!
  39. Homemade Turkey Jerky (you can make this at home, with or without a dehydrator. Your oven works just as well!)
  40. Edamame + sea salt + crushed red pepper. Sports Illustrated model Danielle Herrington snacks on edamame with Sriracha sauce!
  41. Sweet Potato and Chicken Patties – this healthy snack can help use up leftover chicken! Here is a recipe from
  42. Cottage cheese + fruit (bananas, pineapples, berries all mix well). Fitness model Jaime Eason likes to snack on cottage cheese topped with cinnamon and sliced almonds!
  43. Handful of black olives, green olives, or kalamata olives. You can even stuff the olives with garlic cloves if you are feeling extra fancy.
  44. Pear or apple slices + 1 string cheese (reduced fat)
  45. Frozen chocolate banana bites- slice a banana, dip half of each slice in melted dark chocolate, freeze, enjoy! P.S.- dark chocolate is healthy in moderation. Full of antioxidants, high-fiber, and low-carb. Admittedly, our favorite model diet tricks DO allow for some occasional indulgence.. so go ahead, enjoy! You’ve earned it, with all of your positive food/snack decisions! Just remember- it’s all about moderation. So don’t forget to get back on the saddle & put our model diet tricks right back to use! 🙂


As you can see, there are many skinny snack food options that contain REAL FOOD and taste delicious. The latter is a MAJOR model diet trick from which to glean some insight: models focus on REAL food over the processed, sugar-laden ‘diet’ snack options. Yes, regardless of the calorie count… your body will know what to do with a banana- which is a whole food- far better than with a sugary granola bar filled with ingredients it does not know as ‘natural.’ Processed food is garbage; so take the trash out and put the healthy stuff IN! Your body and health will both thank you.


One last suggestion – if you are going to be heading to a photoshoot, a casting call, a long day of filming on set, etc- your life will be SO much easier if you ‘snack prep’ the night before, and grab the snacks on your way out the door in the morning. A hungry model without options (because she forgot to pack them)- is likely a hungry model that is going to eat whatever the hell snacks she is provided (charming offerings such as muffins, granola bars, cookies, potato chips, Subway sandwiches, etc).
We recommend investing in a few meal prep containers if you don’t already have them. Meal prep and planning is absolutely a top model diet trick.


(Note: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.)

We personally just bought these glass meal prep containers for ourselves and LOVE them because 1) BPA-free/microwaveable/dishwasher safe, 2) comes in a 3-pack, and #3) the 3 compartments allow for creativity and variety with your snacking options! It’s fun to create your snacks for the day with these and look forward to them later. Here is the link (and yes this is totally an Amazon affiliate link, but we legit bought these on our own/love them), which is why we are recommending these glass meal prep containers!

So there you have it – our first installment of Model Diet Tricks, featuring 45 skinny snacks to help you achieve that supermodel body! Loved these model diet tricks? Don’t worry, we will have more articles and content on the subject soon, so make sure to subscribe to our free newsletter to keep updated! (Link at top of page). And don’t forget we have much more modeling advice here. If you found this post valuable, or you know someone who will, PLEASE like and share! Thank you!


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Choosing a Modeling Agency

What is the first concern when it comes to planning your modeling career? Of course, choosing a modeling agency immediately comes to mind. A modeling agency; one who will advise you, believe in you, treat you as a family, and who will ultimately be just right for YOU- an important decision indeed! But how do you choose from such a large variety of modeling agencies, when so many of them look promising? And what are the important questions to ask a modeling agency once you meet with them?

Questions to ask a Modeling Agency

First and foremost, decide where to look based on the modeling market where you are geographically located. Next, decide which division(s) of modeling you are the best suited for. Are you a classic beauty, have minimal acting skills (commercial, lifestyle modeling)? Or you are tall, edgy-looking with unusual features (fashion, runway and editorial modeling)? Or maybe you’ve been told you have gorgeous hands or hair, or are a sample 6 shoe size (parts modeling, shoe modeling)? Either way, it’s easier to find your market if you are being objective and honest with yourself. As you don’t want to waste your time, you can apply firstly to the agencies who have a relevant division. All agencies have their division sections on their websites. Modeling agency’s websites are also good to look through to get an idea of which modeling profiles this agency is seeking to work with. Check their Instagram accounts for client names, see what kind of models those clients used for their latest campaigns. If you are unable to distinguish your modeling type on your own, you might need to ask a couple of agents and your model friends who have more experience. Just try to get an appointment with those particular modeling agencies that you feel may like you/be interested in your look; once you have them face-to-face, ask their opinion and go from there. Professional advice from the pros will go a long way, even if they won’t take you on board.
Ask yourself, are you planning a full-time career or do you want to engage in modeling as a hobby? In case of the second option, it might make better sense to consider smaller agencies where full commitment isn’t that serious, and models just work on occasion. When it comes to the top modeling agencies (ie Ford Wilhelmina, etc), an aspiring model is risking to “get lost” among the “stars”, so at the first stages of your career it’s wiser to choose a smaller agency that is particularly interested in YOU. As your professionalism, experience, and modeling portfolio grows, you will be able to switch agencies in favor of a bigger one.
Famous agency names can’t guarantee you successful career. Many of the best/top modeling agencies are even harder to track down, because they don’t advertise. They already have an established client base, and models pass the information about the modeling agency by word of mouth. That very same reason is why the best way to gather truthful information about any particular modeling agency is to ask models who work with this agency for their honest opinion and review. You will likely get real and candid information about the quantity and frequency of work they receive, the types of castings, who their clients are, etc. The most effective way to compare the agencies is to compare the looks of the models who work with these agencies.
Be aware that most agencies don’t accept walk-ins; many of them arrange open calls (days when agency wants to see new models). But almost every agency has a “become a model” section on their website where you can easily submit your photos.
Choose a few modeling agencies, which you feel might be right for you, and arrange to meet with their representatives. Pay attention to detail, to the atmosphere, to how friendly their staff is, just to name a few. Don’t be shy to ask questions (how long has the modeling agency been on market, who are their regular clients, how busy their models normally are, etc.) A trustworthy modeling agency won’t ask you for any sort of payment before you even book your first job, nor will they push you to do modeling courses or finance an expensive portfolio. You must feel that the agency is interested in you as a prospective model, not as a source of short-term income. You must feel supported. Try to visit all of the modeling agencies from your list. After considering all of the pros and cons, then make your decision. Choosing the right modeling agency is just an initial step in your modeling career. How successful you will become from there entirely depends on you.

Author: Ksenia Ocheredko. Ksenia Ocheredko is a professional model based out of New York and Barcelona. Make sure to give her a follow! Check out Ksenia’s Instagram to keep up with all of her modeling adventures! And let her know how much you appreciate her writing this article on choosing a modeling agency and questions to ask a modeling agency! 

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