NEW! Veronika Hrudzynska

Veronika is one of Ukrainian most beautiful model with outstanding modeling and acting skills that makes her exceptional.
Her modeling career started after several life experiences in various professions. She was a professional dancer from childhood with over 18 years of experience.
Aside from working as an aerial gymnast at the circus, she was an adult dance art teacher and choreographer with impressive records.
Being an outdoor girl with lots of fun, dance, schools, reputable national event, night club, private orders and dance contract experience all over the world, modeling was initially a hobby and not a career.
Nevertheless, her interest in modeling increased over time. With self-development, the red hair supermodel has become a reputable model with quality years of experience that makes her outstanding amongst her colleagues.
Though she came from the family of programmers, yet she is that hot model that has got the house wondering and the world talking.