NEW! Simona Argaseala

Model's Profile

  • Name:
    Simona Argaseala
  • Born:
  • Height:
    172 cm
  • C / W / H:
    90 / 61 / 90 cm


Simona Argaseala is a hot and talented Romania model with the right body features that makes everyone want to turn and give her a second look. She was born on 9 February 2000.

Right from her childhood days, the 172cm tall model with fair skin and attractive eyeballs has been passionate about becoming a famous international model with name boldly written on Vogue magazine, Playboy magazine, and other international fashion magazines someday. With diligence and dedication towards what she loves, she has worked her way to becoming that sexy model you need to help you promote your business.

She is that model with the body shape you can’t resist. With her appearance on your brand, you can be sure to get more patronage than ever.