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Everybody Has a Story even a Model Agency

NobleModels.com is the world’s modeling agency, leading the way internationally in connecting new faces , aspiring models and professional models with reputable  photographers, stylists and other industry clients.

We pride ourselves on delivering a service that is not only desired, but also innovative and highly effective. After a lengthy process of research and development including consultation with top modeling agencies, noblemodels.com  has been created to make a fast, streamlined and efficient service that gets proven results and is an essential tool for the modeling community.

Our dedicated team of professionals has a combined 10 years of experience in the modeling industry, from the catwalks , to designing IT systems for some of the best model agencies in China and Asia.

We are passionate about providing a professional online platform, which benefits all new and professional participants in the modeling industry.


Model Training Course & Model Portfolio

Spread across a time span on 30 Days, The Model Training Course at NobleModels prepares you the enter the Modelling Field. Being in the industry since 2013, we at NobleModels  know exactly what is required to prepare the new faces for the industry. During the course, you would be trained on how to pose for the camera, how to walk the ramp and how to walk wearing heels. Having done the practical bit, you would also be taught theoretically about being a model. Once you are ready, you will get a professional portfolio done by NobleModels to help you boost your modelling career along with a certificate.

The Model Portfolio at NobleModels is a great chance for you to get the best book in the market and boost your modelling career.

A Professional photographer, a make-up stylist, a hair-stylist, a wardrobe-stylist and a creative director will make sure to get the best pictures out of the shoot. Edited and raw pictures will be given on a DVD (Total of 15 best edited pictures and will be uploaded in the website) along with other top models.

The Model Training Course is FREE and constitutes of 30 days  long and extensive Model training based on theory and practical implementation. A free portfolio and a completion certificate also included.


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Maybe they are not the prettiest or the most sexy models but they are surely real models of everyday life and they can present a wide range of products with great professionalism!

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When you make the choice do not just look at the price! Look at the details and eventually contact us to make a custom offer .

  • Basica service dedicated to small businesses or private events
  • $333per session
    • 50 product
    • 6 photos for each product
    • one month before appointment for shooting
    • products must be sent and will be returned after confirming photos

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  • Silvera service dedicated to medium-sized businesses or for private events
  • $888per session
    • 100 products
    • 10 photos for each product
    • No appointment needed
    • Products must be sent and returned after confirming photos

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  • Golda service dedicated to large companies or for public events
  • $1999per session
    • unlimited number of products
    • 7 days with 4 photomodels and a make-up artist
    • you choose the models from our portfolio
    • you pay accommodation and meal for the team during the trip to you

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